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We were called by Dairy Crest to a processing plant in Kirby, Merseyside, to investigate a drainage leak under the factory floor. We identified a manhole that we could survey from, that was located in the CIP plant room. Our engineers had to comply with Dairy Crest’s strict safety and hygiene rules, hence why you can see we are wearing protective clothing including hairnets.

Due to the remote location of the room deep inside the food factory, we had to use our new P350 camera crawler  which is a lightweight and portable system with battery power pack. The crawler was lowered into the manhole and we drove it up a 225mmØ drain to identify a broken and redundant connection. We then carried out a local repair on the drain using a 1m long epoxy resin patch, which provides a good watertight lining to the inside of the pipe.

Once our work was complete specialist contractors could drill the floor slab to fill a large void that had formed under the slab due to the collapsed drain without any risk of the concrete infiltrating the live drainage system. Dairy Crest management praised the skill of our team for completing the work during a short weekend shutdown period, and within a difficult and confined space.